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Best Prices in Town

(March 2012)


We accept FSA/HSA cards, but also work within your budget. We aim to meet the needs of those seeking high fashion as well as those who are price conscious.

Best Office Decor

(July 2008)


We believe in offering an experience rather than a medical office visit. Our comfortable office setting is a very colorful boutique. Come by and check it out for yourself.

Best Reading Glasses

(December 2014)


For many years, our boutique has received raving reviews for our personable service, excellent choice of unique readers and frame styles, and dedication to our clients.

Computer Glasses Digital Eye Strain Blue Light Blocking in San Francisco

eyewear in San Francisco  reading glasses in San Francisco

computer glasses digital eye strain blue light blocking in san francisco

Your vision is important to us.


At EyeOughta, we care about your vision. Whether you need new lenses, new glasses, or custom services, we can help you. We never cut corners and always do what's best for you and your vision. You can trust that EyeOughta will take care of you. 

We'll gladly put your new Rx into our Trial Set, in order to show you how your vision will improve before making your new glasses. 

EyeOughta specs - cheaters too


Founded: 2007


Areas of expertise:  Vision correction, computer lenses, occupational eyewear