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Acetate 53-16-140

Acetate  49-18-140

Acetate 54-14-140

Titanium/Acetate 49-18-135

Acetate 54-16-140

Titanium/Acetate 52-18-140

Acetate 53-17-140

Titanium/Acetate 50-20-140

Acetate  59-15-145

Acetate 55-12-140

Acetate 48-21-140

Choose from any of our house frames to have your own custom computer glasses made for you.

Our luxury frames are crafted in Japan and Germany for the finest quality and durability. Our lenses are custom made for you in our lab here in the USA.

Simply tell us what READING POWER you use in reading glasses for books and small print, and we'll custom make your lenses to accommodate both near reading and intermediate reading for up to 5 feet away.

Go ahead!  1. Tell us your reading power.

                  2. Select the frames below (or from our eye bobs page) to have your

                      custom computer readers made for you.

We can also custom make them to your exact prescription if you email a copy of a current eye exam.

We ship to many places around the world.

Acetate 45-21-145

Acetate  40-20-150